About Blunder

Blunder is an automated tool for analyzing chained exceptions in Java. It's usefull for classify, generate a customized error message and a list for possible solutions.

The aim of this project is to provide a tool to identify different error contexts, analyze them and assemble a customized response to an application end-user or another application.


When we catch an Exception, it is not simple to tell wich was the origin, if it was due to a failure on the server, or maybe in the validation of business rules or others. Moreover, it is less easy to share this approach with different use cases inside or not the same application or components of an application.

Blunder also can help your proyect by providing extra information to your error pages. You can customize every error to provide a detailed message extracting properties or messages from different Exceptions in the chain, and add a list of possible solutions so, users can avoid the occurrence of an error in the future.

Is in this point where Blunder takes it's the best advantage.


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Ambrosi Lucas lambrosi@users.sourceforge.net

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